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What Our Client says

Affordable Equipment

Renting beach items, such as surfboards on the coast used to be an expensive and rigid process. Shimmy solved this by offering affordable equipment from local people, meaning I don’t need to transport or store gear when I’m not using it!

– Jack, 27

Smooth and Efficient

My experience with Shimmy was smooth and efficient. It was the solution to all the problems an exchange student had. I required many items that I couldn’t bring with me overseas or didn’t make sense for me to buy. Shimmy was really convenient and friendly for your pocket too!

– Sammi, 23

Big Savings!

I used Shimmy to rent a barbecue and lighting for an upcoming party. Shimmy saved me having to buy and store expensive items that I wouldn’t normally use, leaving me free to afford other activities!

– Harriet, 21

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Shimmy is a peer to peer lending site that is designed to match lenders in the community with renters. Seems simple right, but what exactly do we do, and what does it cost? 1) CREATE AN ACCOUNT We ask our lenders to create an account. You can do this by clicking here....

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